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Stunning low-level bungalows with verandas, intricate construction, and several tall palm trees swinging in the wind can be observed in the southern area of India. Both intuitively and visually, similar to a dream. The Athangudi tiles, from southern India, are renowned for their meticulously designed palette of serenity, elegance, and compactness.

Our team at Dimension stones can provide the finishing touches to your property if you want to preserve a style developed decades ago by South Indian artists utilizing their cultural customs. If you are looking for an aesthetic yet authentic vintage interior and want to create a paradise to the past with your buildings, we recommend and supply the best athangudi tiles.

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The designs of Athangudi are various in type and provide discrete style and rhythm to the pattern. We engage in every detail of the design and showcase the aspects of every kind of Athangudi tile. The different options of Athangudi tiles are here for you to choose the best.

Checked Tiles- The patterns of the Athangudi tiles are standard checks with different color pallets with varying sizes of the checks. These checkered tiles create a rhythm of the royal palace with a system and pattern. They provide a sense of uniformity and indulge in aesthetics. Such tiles can be used in kitchens, swimming pools, verandas, and huge bungalows.

Flower Imprints- The Athangudi tiles are well-known for the Chettinad designs of floral imprints. These provide a feature of architecture and engage in rich designs. The designs are a replica of the ancient Chettinad tradition. We ensure you can customize your favorite floral art and pick the favorite for your building facades.

Geometrical shapes- The geometrical shaped tiles vary in visual appeal, color palettes, and dimensions. The shapes are intriguing symbols of geometry enclosed within artistic designs. You can pick your favorite shape and ensure it plays in your balconies, parking areas, living rooms, cafes, and more.

Incorporate your favorite Athangudi tiles in the right place.

The selection of Athangudi is simple and accessible based on the desired structure of design visuals. However, these can be havoc and hassle without knowing where to place the suitable Athangudi tiles. Thus we encourage you to look into the right places to have the tiles. These include:

Living Room Walls- The tiles help decorate the bare walls of your living area with luxurious Athangudi wall tiles. Their glittering design will create a magnificent accent wall in the living room and add a gorgeous pop of color to the atmosphere. The wall tiles from Athangudi create a novel and distinctive decor if you're seeking aesthetic living room decor.

Bathroom- Athangudi tiled walls create a one-of-a-kind, personalized bathroom. They create simple patterns in black and white or brown and white that will give your bathroom refinement without being over the top. They can be used in fancier bathrooms, like cafes or resorts. However, it is unsafe to use at-home bathrooms as they cannot resist excess moisture and might lose texture due to overflow of water and wet floors.

Bedroom- A simple bedroom can look more beautiful with Athangudi tiles. Using exquisite Athangudi floor tiles to accentuate your bedroom designs is one of the best choices to elevate the looks of one's bedroom. In addition, you can use conventional geometric designs to provide old-world elegance or bold colors for a private environment that exudes personality.

Backspaces-The era of bland kitchen backsplashes is over. Athangudi tiles in various colors, palettes, and vibrant tints can give your kitchen some personality. It's one of your house's most noticeable rooms, so consider incorporating such tiles to increase the intriguing looks. Your kitchen will have an exquisite Athangudi backsplash, which will make you never want to leave.

Dimension Stones are at your rescue as the experts for choosing the right design for the right place. The idea of installing a serene beauty is indeed a creative decision. Let the Dimension Stones finish the craftwork and give elegance to your home. Contact the experts in stones, tiles, and more from DImension Stones.

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Athangudi tiles are massive pieces of artwork that enrich the personality of each room. It is a magnificent structure that provides the pride and ethnicity of your building. As you know that Athangudi tiles are a serene beauty from history, are you ready to incorporate them into your home? Dimension Stones has a comprehensive range to meet your home interior-related needs.

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Yes. They are best suited for any location of the house. They can be used on both the walls and floors of the living room.
The Dimension Stones provide three different styles of Athangudi tiles. They include floors, walls, and ceilings of various rooms. In addition, it includes checks, geometrically shaped and floral imprints.
The Athangudi tiles are one of the most expensive and delicate tiles. It is mainly used for luxurious artistic purposes. Therefore, the price varies on the designs, color richness, intrigued craftwork, and labor. The average cost ranges from 60-70/- INR per square ft.
The Athangudi tiles must ensure regular maintenance to have their texture and essence. Here are a few tips for cleansing and maintaining the Athangudi Tiles-One must regularly maintain Athangudi tiles. You can clean the tiles with water and 10-15 drops of coconut oil. In addition, not using these tiles can cause them to lose their luster. The more you walk on it, the shinier it becomes.
Athangudi tiles have additional health benefits. They help to prevent joint pain and heel fissures in our feet. They are ideal for any environment and may thus be used both indoors and outdoors.