Sandstone Cladding

Morph your interiors with sandstone cladding.

Interior stone cladding has become popular as more people try to give their homes an aesthetic and classic look. It has many advantages over other types of cladding, including increased property value, durability, and fire resistance, making it the best option for any renovation or new home decor. With various types and styles of stone cladding available, the design possibilities for your home are endless. We at Dimension stones provide fleets of interior stone cladding tiles and ideas to substantiate your aesthetic look for your interiors. 

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Get the ideal backdrops for your interiors with sandstone cladding.

Be it a new home or looking for interior renovation options, get the best deals on interior ideas. We at Dimension stones provide featured varieties of sandstone cladding, which is suitable for most interior aesthetics. The different types of sandstone cladding available are:

Sandstone Wall Cladding- The sandstone wall cladding is available as split or rock face tiles and mosaics. These split face tiles, distinctive in color, pattern, and form, can help designers create enthralling designs. They are used in various applications, including distinctive domestic feature wall splash-backs and commercial bar environments. 

Teak Sandstone Wall Cladding- The type of sandstone cladding is used for exterior and interior stone cladding. The sandstone cladding with the touch of teak wood structure helps the interior have a magnificent look and provides luxury with unique interior ideas. Check out our interior stone cladding section from Dimension stones.

Rock Sandstone Cladding-The sandstone cladding, with a touch of rock and a bulky look on the interiors, provides a vintage and robust look. This provides an antique experience with the nuanced cladding in the interiors. One can check the availability at Dimension stones for white rock and rock face cladding interiors and exteriors.

Mint Sandstone Cladding- These materials blend yellow, buff, pink, and golden brown tones. They are most suited for simple interior structures with a soft and embroidered vibe. We at Dimension Stones provide mint sandstone cladding for all interior stone cladding requirements. In addition, the mint-stone cladding has two other sandstone options: sandstone blast and sandstone wall cladding.

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Dimension Stones is your one-stop destination for all interior and exterior stone cladding. Our interior stone cladding helps you ease the worries of choosing the best interior decor ideas. Be it a living home, office interiors, or commercial outlets, we provide the required sandstone cladding for all the building facades. So choose the various types and make the call today. We await to install and offer multiple solutions to all your interiors and exteriors. 

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Stone wall cladding is best done with natural stones like slate, granite, travertine, and Sandstone.
It is well known that cladding is less expensive than painting. It does, however, eventually need to be repainted and maintained because it is known to fade with time.
Stone retaining walls should last for at least 40 to 50 years.
Yes. We do provide brick cladding for the exterior walls of all the buildings. Contact us at +91 9611920802 for more details and orders.
The major Sandstone cladding stones offered by the Dimension Stones stores are teak sandstone wall cladding, rock sandstone cladding, mint sandstone cladding, and classic sandstone cladding. For more sandstone cladding for walls, contact Dimension Stones.